I don't even know how to start expressing my wonder for you. You have the ability to warm our hearts with comfort and love.
I can only describe our shoot with you as a real life fairytale. 

You embraced us with warmth. Your laughs lifted the atmosphere and you allowed us to feel the magic of the moment. We were able to be who we are as a couple without pretend and you captured each moment with the most beautiful and raw emotion. 

You are a light to the world, illuminating romance with your unwavering belief in love.

olga + niel x

JOYFUL. GENUINE. intimate. Alive

Nadia, Thank you, thank you for these beautiful photos documenting our first steps from one life to a new one together.

Thank you for the happy moments you’ve already given us and the countless moments sure to come.

Working with you was a dream: You let us be ourselves, and we lost ourselves in laughing, beautiful light and bliss. What a privilege it is to see all those emotions in the final photos! We cried with joy. We are so blessed to have met you.

When you write about how wonderful your couples are, I think; of course they are : like attracts like. We are grateful you’ve been an important part of our life. 

joy + robert x

JOYFUL. GENUINE. intimate. Alive

Nadia has a way of making you feel comfortable and free.

We were able to be our natural, goofy selves, and yet she captured these moments beautifully and organically.

She and her husband were the dream team and we could not have been more blessed to have amazing, kind photographers.

No mountain is too high to scale for these fellow adventurers! Best decision ever! 

Thank you Nadia!

teresa + peter 

JOYFUL. GENUINE. intimate. Alive

Nadia, being photographed by you was an experience in itself! 

You have the most lovely personality and Jake and I could not stop saying how kind and at ease you made us feel. 

You were a dream to work with and truly talented with being able to capture natural, genuine photographs that hold true emotion. 

There aren’t really enough words to describe how in love we are with our photographs!

Thank you! 

jess + jake x

JOYFUL. GENUINE. intimate. Alive

Everything about our wedding pictures feels so genuine and true. 

Just looking at them takes us right back, diving into all the excitement, joy and love surrounding our wedding day.

You truly captured us. Who we are. What we love. Our style. Our intimacy. The authentic us. The sense of this day.

Nadia, we’ll be forever thankful for meeting you and will keep these moments in our memory, your pictures in our album and you in our hearts.

pia-anna + chris x

JOYFUL. GENUINE. intimate. Alive

From the very first day of planning our wedding, you were our biggest inspiration-well, perfect advise-giver and cheerleader to be our very selves in everything we planned. 

When it came to the big day, we were not surprised to feel like as if you guys have become some of our best friends. 

You captured a million sweet moments and celebrated us so authentically that we didn`t even notice you taking pictures. 

Those will forever be our dearest memories to keep and to find daily joy in.
Thank you, friends. 

heidi + urs

JOYFUL. GENUINE. intimate. Alive

What can I say Nadia, thank you millions for sprinkling your fairy dust and capturing the magic that me and Doug felt that day, but never imagined could be translated in photos.

Having you around felt so natural, like having a friend by our side.

Thank you for making us feel at ease - we couldn't have wished for anyone better to give us these breathtaking images to treasure forever.

You are a true artist. We are forever grateful.

marie + doug

JOYFUL. GENUINE. intimate. Alive

Nadia, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

You are truly one in a million and we feel so blessed to have been captured by you.

Your love, passion, creativity and overall beautiful energy is magnetic - and it reveals itself when you connect with people to tell their story.
You have told ours perfectly.
We will always go back to those moments in time as a reminder of how we truly felt.

What a treasure. Grazie Nadia.

vanessa + paolo

JOYFUL. GENUINE. intimate. Alive