Apr 3, 2018

Maria + Simon. Brighton.

These days are filled with engagement shoots by the beach in Brighton – and I am not even mad about it.

I have embraced the different light that our beach provides, at different times of the day, how it changes with the colouring of the water and the sky. It’s breathtaking.

Maria and Simon are getting married in Italy later this year and wanted a warm-up session with me. No problem. If there’s something I know how to do is warm people up. Ha.

So we just stepped in front of their house – these lucky eggs live right by the seafront. In fact, you can see their house in the background of some of the images and I love that this memory will stay for them after they have moved away from here.

The cherry on top of this shoot was the starling murmuration we were blessed with. Perks of living in Brighton.


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