May 23, 2017

The Vision Workshop in St. Ives, Cornwall / one

What is the vision behind my photography and my business? How do I apply that vision into my photography? How does one find their vision instead of just having a ‘style’?  

This is exactly what The Vision Workshop is about and I am very proud of this workshop, the people that attend and the way it works. This is the fourth year we are running it and the first time on British ground.

So 3 weeks ago we went to Cornwall to host the 2 annual Workshops, this time back-to-back.

At every workshop I only allow 5 students, to keep it intimate and personal and allow space for vulnerability and grace.
I am always nervous to throw together 5 strangers into such a bold, soulful adventure – but it’s always always always an incredible time.

From living together in one house for two days, having long work sessions and conversations into the night, from laughing over dinner and learning about each other’s stories – this workshop is one of  my favourite things to do in life.

The photoshoot part is brilliant as well, because it’s where everyone gets alone time to shoot – no pack shooting. It’s a time of experimenting and frustration as well, and always very interesting to see how people react when they try to apply what they found inside of them (it’s hard people! And it’s also easy)

At every workshop, I am always the last one to shoot (because this is not an imitation workshop, it’s an inspiration workshop) and show how I apply my vision into my photos and how it enables me to create the images you see here.


So here it goes, this is the photoshoot from our first UK Workshop – there are no behind the scenes from me, because we had this fantastic human document it all for us and I’m excited to release that soon!

If you’d like to see some behind the scenes and read the reviews of the amazing women that attended, you can go visit Chrissy, MelanieYewandeAnna andNina. They all blogged their photoshoot as well, so take some time, browse through their work and leave them love.

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Thank you to Ione for the beautiful Styling and to Peggy and Kyle for being in love and for braving the cold wind!

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  1. Meg

    May 23rd, 2017 at 1:15 PM

    I want to cry. These are incredible and your workshop sounds like an absolute dream. Can I come as a non-photographer?

  2. Es,Elif

    October 6th, 2017 at 9:54 PM

    Hallo liebe Nadia,

    Ich folge dir sehr gerne seit Jahren.Und ich bewundere deine Arbeit und deine Humane Art an Kinder (Hilfsorganisationen )hat mich dazu auch gebracht dir zu schreiben.

    Ich bin die Elif aus NRW-Hamm.Habe 3 Kinder und bin Fotografin in Deutschland.Ich möchte gerne auch 2018 bei dir im Workshop teilnehmen.Würde gerne dazu auch die Informationen wie.zb.Tag /Genaue Ort/Leistung erfahren wollen.Bin ein grosser Fan von Dir und würde mich mega freuen dich mal Persönlich zu treffen.

    Würde mich freuen wenn du dir mal meine Arbeiten anschauen würdest.

    Instagram : @elifesphotography

    Freue mich jetzt schon auf dein Feedback.

    Viele Liebe Grüsse,
    Elif Es

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