May 28, 2017

The Vision Workshop in St. Ives, Cornwall / two

Hello lovely, happy Monday! Welcome to the second part of the Cornwall Workshops.

Here’s Workshop #1 if you’d like to see it and find out what it’s about! I suggest you go and read all the linked reviews, because it’s one thing to hear me rave about how much I freaking adore hosting this workshop – but it’s another to hear first hand experiences from real people.

These ladies really take the cake for chattiest workshop in the history of workshops. We were not in bed before 3 in the morning during this week. Partly due to the fact they all spent 6 hours in the car together to get to Cornwall, which brought them close immediately – so I might make it a requirement for future workshops that people travel together, because the outcome is extraordinary.

Please check out what Carmen, Samira, Hanna, Diana and Kitty have to say. Their souls are beautiful and their love for life and for their work is obvious when you read their words. Please take some time to get to know them. I am so much richer for knowing them, for having them as friends. So thankful for their presence and for what they’ve given me.

Vulnerability is a gift that connects us. And connection is precious. It’s what we all want. In life and in our work. I am proud of them for wanting a deeper connection with their photography, their business, with others. And I am honoured and humbled that they chose me to be a part of their journey.

I try to find other words but I choke on them because all I want to do is take a bow and just say ‘Thank You’.





Playing the staring game. I think both of them failed :)


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