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Do you want to build a business with integrity that represents who you really are and is not a copy of someone else?

the signature boss

Let me help you with that. Because integrity is important to me - and in all I do, including selling - I want you to have a long-term value from it, not just a short-term solution. So you will only find things in here that have a lasting effect on you and your business. You won't find presets here - I will show you how to create your own.

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Find your voice. Attract the perfect clients for you. Get out of that wedding industry circus. Do you feel confused or like a copy of someone else? I hear you. I felt the same for a long time. 

And I am here to help you change it.

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Find the fuel behind what you do! This workshop will not teach you how I work - it's so much better than that:  
It will teach you how to put YOU in your work! 


the vision

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This is not your stereotype 'Watch what I do' Photography workshop.
It's not a glorified styled shoot. 
Here's what you can expect:

Find the link between your story and your purpose 
& learn how to put it into your work

2 full days / 5 people / 1 awesome house / A personal chef / a lot of work on your part / alone time during the photoshoot / private coaching time with me 


Talking to inspiring people that are leading a life and business with integrity and honesty.
Be inspired to build a business without being cut-throat, selling stuff you don't believe in or pleasing everyone.  

boss podcast


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The Template to completely customise and create your own magazine! Inspire your clients with this beautiful gift! 

* Over 60 pages of inspiration & information
* Does not include fonts

Do you need a client contract? Yes. You absolutely do. It's there to protect your client and make them feel safe - and do the same thing for you. 

* law-abiding and safe
* no fuss, short and easy 
* available english or german



Need some perspective, ideas, advice or answers to your questions? Let's talk!
This is a 2 hour coaching on Skype or in person to answer your questions, do a portfolio and business review and discover the changes you need to make!