Nov 6, 2015

The Vision Workshop

So this was the 5th installment of The Vision Workshop! I cannot believe it! When I launched this workshop I was so scared about the reception – but it’s been growing ever since and the best thing about this workshop are the people in it. Seriously.

At the last Workshop for 2015 we had an outstanding group again that left a big mark on my heart. Their openess and the way they connected made it very very easy to live together.

(By the way, at every Workshop we also have a theme song, which this time was “Hello” by Adele. And also “Let it go” from Frozen, but let’s not get into that. If you follow us on Snapchat you’ve probably seen enough of it) 

I feel like I’m repeating myself when I say this was the best workshop ever and every group is fantastic – and you might be thinking “yeah right” – but the groups are really great; I think I just attract certain people with my concept, so that every time it’s just a really pleasant experience.

This time, I don’t have many Behind The Scenes shots and I don’t even have a lot of pictures of my shooting. At this workshop I always shoot last, so that the attendees are not influenced by what I say and do, so this time when it was my turn the light was almost gone and the fog rolled in.

To be completely honest, it’s not my priority to get pictures for myself at my workshops. I have enough pretty pictures on my hard drives. It’s also not my priority that people walk away with images for their portfolio. My priority is that they walk away with a clearer understanding of who they are as a photographer and what it is they want , no, need to shoot – even if they mess up their photo shoot during the workshop completely. Who cares. There are lots more shoots to come.

And this time the results were so overwhelmingly clear. Everyone had such clear outcomes, it was crazy. Now you have to know, at this workshop everyone shoots alone when they shoot. Nobody looks over anybody’s shoulder and sees what they do and say.

If you look at everyone’s images from the workshop, they are very similar, although everyone was working alone – this to me is the best proof that this workshop works and that it worked on them. Because they all had similar stories and similar struggles and longings – their vision as a photographer is quite similar to each other – so the images that flow out of their hearts look somewhat like what you see in their blogposts. Obviously this new shooting approach I teach is difficult at first, because you’re not used to it. So there’s lots of room to grow into it.

Usually we have a mix of 5 pretty different people – and on the outside it first seemed like these ladies were very different, but digging deep we found that we all had very similar marks in our stories and were looking for similar things – so this group turned out to be very much homogeneous and that was interesting! I love people. I love to see them grow and I love to grow myself. So naturally, I love this kind of workshop.

Thank you to CharleenAnnettNicoleKerstinMandy for sharing their beautiful souls with me, you touched me deeply. You can read all about their experience on their blogs! It’s well worth your time : )

Thank you to my husband and Kathrin, who helped with everything in the background, cooked for us and gave moral support. Thank you to the Kitzlein for their great hospitality and for creating a second home for us. Thank you to Victoria Rüsche who always supports me with her beautiful designs, love ya! And a big Thank you to the talented Melly for styling and Jasmin for the gorgeous flowers! And Thank you to Sandra and Basti for being so in love and sharing it with us!

If you’d like to join me in one of these Workshops one day, please subscribe to my Mailing List because that is the only channel I announce the Workshops on!

Dive in now, enjoy, see you soon! Love, Nadia.

The Nadia Meli Workshop-4994 KopieThe Nadia Meli Workshop-4659The Nadia Meli Workshop-4654The Nadia Meli Workshop-4682The Nadia Meli Workshop-4667The Nadia Meli Workshop-4766The Nadia Meli Workshop-4700The Nadia Meli Workshop-4704The Nadia Meli Workshop-4996The Nadia Meli Workshop-4802The Nadia Meli Workshop-4815

Here’s a few images I took while the ladies were shooting…

The Nadia Meli Workshop-4945 KopieThe Nadia Meli Workshop-4917The Nadia Meli Workshop-4932The Nadia Meli Workshop-5047The Nadia Meli Workshop-5051The Nadia Meli Workshop-5106The Nadia Meli Workshop-5007The Nadia Meli Workshop-5064

And here’s the last bit of light before it left me ; ) These are my images…

The Nadia Meli Workshop-4942The Nadia Meli Workshop-4948The Nadia Meli Workshop-5254The Nadia Meli Workshop-5630The Nadia Meli Workshop-5210The Nadia Meli Workshop-5311The Nadia Meli Workshop-5158The Nadia Meli Workshop-5428The Nadia Meli Workshop-5474The Nadia Meli Workshop-5405The Nadia Meli Workshop-5492The Nadia Meli Workshop-5473The Nadia Meli Workshop-5276The Nadia Meli Workshop-5514The Nadia Meli Workshop-5166The Nadia Meli Workshop-5408The Nadia Meli Workshop-5269The Nadia Meli Workshop-5620The Nadia Meli Workshop-5679The Nadia Meli Workshop-5278The Nadia Meli Workshop-5582The Nadia Meli Workshop-5619The Nadia Meli Workshop-5671The Nadia Meli Workshop-5605The Nadia Meli Workshop-5545The Nadia Meli Workshop-5585The Nadia Meli Workshop-5614The Nadia Meli Workshop-5730The Nadia Meli Workshop-5785The Nadia Meli Workshop-5487The Nadia Meli Workshop-5824

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  1. Juliane

    November 6th, 2015 at 7:56 PM

    Wahnsinnig schön, deine Bilder! Und der Workshop… Ich denke immer noch oft an die Zeit vor 2 Jahren! Es hat mir so viel gebracht! Danke!!!
    Bis hoffentlich ganz bald mal.

  2. Elizabeth Shaffer

    November 16th, 2015 at 6:44 AM

    Hello Nadia! I love watching you and your story. I get so much inspiration from you and you have really been a huge influence on me to get my butt in gear to getting my photography business on the right track. I would love to know more about your workshops, how to become a part of it and when the next one is. Please fill me in as it would be a dream of mine to be a part of one. Thanks for being so amazing and keep the wonderful videos and photos coming!

  3. Barbara Petry

    March 25th, 2016 at 10:21 PM

    Ja, lb Nadia, ich schick dir ganz viel Liebe… Mit so einem warmen Gefühl im Bauch denke ich an dich, freue mich über jedes deiner “Teil haben lassen”, lebe mit deiner Farbe in Kopf und Bauch. So schade, dass ich dir manchmal nicht näher sein kann.
    Alles Liebe,

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