August 6, 2019


If you follow me on Instagram you know it’s no secret I adore LJW.
From the day I attended one of her writing workshops, I was sold. She is a beautiful human, doing life intentionally and that to me is so wild. She constantly reminds me of who I want to be, she is like a voice in my head. I hope that doesn’t sound too creepy 🙂

But isn’t it such a gift that we can find our tribe anywhere? That sometimes people you have never met can push you forward by simply being themselves? I know Laura doesn’t like being called inspiring but that’s what she does! She inspires.

When she asked me earlier this year to take the photos for her new website and to promote her new book, I did a happy dance!
So in April we met in Shoreditch and walked around until we were cold and tired, lol.

Not only did I have the honour of shooting this beautiful brilliant woman – she then also sat down to chat with me on my Podcast, The Signature Boss! What a gem 🙂

Laura’s new novel is out TODAY and you can get it anywhere you normally buy books 🙂 In fact, as I am typing this, I am on the way to her book launch party in London!
Happy publication day Laura! You deserve it all! xx