There is more than one way.

Maybe you've been raised to believe you can do anything you want in life. Maybe you've been given wings. Maybe you've been told you are stupid, too much of a dreamer, unrealistic. Maybe you've been raised to think inside a box, maybe you've been taught to fear. Maybe you've been told to fulfill your parent's expectations. Maybe you've been held captive by your own demons and you want to be free.  Maybe you grew up to hate yourself and maybe you've been surrounded by love all your life.

Maybe you dream of being a mom. Maybe you are happy with your house and the white picked fence. Maybe what makes you come alive is discovering other cultures, learning about people and traveling the world. Maybe you love working for someone else. Maybe you can't imagine sitting in an office 8 hours a day. Maybe your dream is to be a lawyer. Maybe you love to be a busdriver and maybe you want to be a clown.

Not everyone has to be a CEO. Not everyone has to be a mother. A teacher. Extroverted. Settled. Self-employed. A father. A wife. A homeowner. Wandering. Not everyone has to go to University. Not everyone will be happy working for themselves and vice versa.

There is not just one way to be a woman. One way to be a man. There is not just one type of family. There is not just one way to do life.

There a lots and lots and lots and lots of ways - I believe in a creative God, the best proof of the way he operates is around us.

You are here to be a bearer of love, no matter the circumstances you are in, the job you do, the country you live in, no matter your relationship status or your bank account.

We don't all need to do life in the same way. The world needs all kinds of people, doing all kinds of different things. The world needs you as much as it needs me and your next door neighbour. No matter what your job or your choice of life is - you matter and so does what you bring to the table.

Free yourself from the expectations that are suffocating your purpose, your passion and your light. You are not serving anyone by hiding who you really are and what you really want. And by the way, that doesn't have to stay the same your whole life.

As long as you are intentional and excited about your choices, as long as what you are doing and what you are living is what fills your heart - by all means. Keep on doing it. Because being excited about your life will make you alive. And we need people who are alive. Because they will ignite this life in others. And so it spreads.

If you don’t live out who you are and what you want you are not only withholding a blessing from yourself but also from everyone else around you.

"The glory of God is man fully alive." St. Ireneaus

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