I want to be a reflection of the Divine. I want to be warm to people. I want to be honest. My mind open, my heart open, with room for others. I want to stay true to what I believe. I want to be free.

I don't want to be afraid of being vulnerable. And I want to stay independent in the process. I want to always stay a learner. Always growing and always thoughtful.

I want to see the good in everything and learn the lesson from the bad. I want to look forward. I want to fight for justice and use my voice. I want to mother people regardless of whether I have biological children or not.

I want to be inspired and be an inspiration. I want to make someone's dream come true. I want to be really old, wrinkly and wise.

I want to stay adventurous. I don't want to make judgements based on appearance. I want to love my life. I want to always remember that people come first.

I want to be brave for the future that is to come. I want to be playful and light hearted. I want to be supportive and a cheerleader to other people. Help them reach the finish line.

I want to be full of wisdom and mercy.

I want to make others feel welcomed, loved and at home with me.

I want to be a giver.

I want to love myself.

I want to be intentional about my thoughts and actions.

I want to stay hungry for life. For God. Hungry for dreaming, for connection, I want to stay curious. I never want to loose hope.

I want to stay different and keep on questioning what I always do. Not everybody will love my thoughts, but I will not play a part out of fear of what people may think of me.

I don't want to be afraid of standing alone.

I want to live mindfully and have a purpose behind what I do. I want to be present. Live in the present and be present with people. I want to give people I talk to my full attention, my whole spirit. I want to treat everyone equally. With the same kindness and respect.

I want to show my true colors and with it give others permission to do the same. There lies true beauty.

I want to love rainy days as well as sunny ones and see beauty in the leaves that dance with the wind. I want to see beauty in the ordinary and never overlook it.

I want to unleash the world that lives inside of me and inhabit my purpose.

I want my life to be a  wild river, that follows its course and while doing so, brings life and fruit to others.

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